Browser Issues with TooCOOL

Apple ComputersSafari

For Apple Mac Safari Users

The issue is seems is on the apple/safari/security side of things.
The recommended fix below works most of the time.
Let me know if this works with your users that are experiencing the "required certificate issue".


1) Find the Keychain Access program on your Mac. To find it, open up Finder, then open up the Applications folder, and inside the Applications folder there is a folder called Utilities, Keychain Access is in the Utility Folder.
2) Open Keychain Access and search for all of the certificates that are listed in Safari dialog box that tells you "This client requires a certificate".
3) When you find those particular certificates, select them and then DELETE those specific certificates out of Keychain Access.
4) Then restart Safari, and go back to Https://

It should work from there, if you get the same error message, repeat the steps and make sure your remove the corrupt certificates.

If you need Apple verification for this issue check out the link below


For Windows 7 users - Internet Explorer users

Compatibility Mode

1. Click on Tools on Internet Explorer browser menu.
2. Select compatibility Mode settings
3. Add website to compatibility view mode
4. Close browser
5 Open browser and go to website and complete transaction.



Download and Install Google Chrome.
Click on link below


Download and install Firefox